We believe trusting relationships nurture the promotion of optimal health.We provide clients with an opportunity to enjoy excellent quality dental health care in a caring and secure environment.As a highly educated professional team, we offer individual treatment options and strive to achieve a trusting interpersonal relationship with each patient.

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Welcome to Total Health Dentistry

At Total Health Dentistry, we deliver compassionate, holistic dental care focused on your unique needs. When you are our patient, your oral health, your overall wellbeing, and your smile are our focus. Dr. Jeffery Hartman , Dr. Haley Holt & Dr. Gary L Putt believe in building trusting, open communication between our patients and our team: it’s only by understanding your lifestyle, concerns, and goals that we are able to find the dental solutions that are right for you.

We do not advocate a cookie-cutter approach to dental care. In contrast, we develop individual treatment plans, helping you achieve and maintain exceptional oral health and a healthy, beautiful smile.

For more information about the biological, patient-centered dental care offered at our practice locations please call!

Dr.'s Hartman, Holt, Putt and our team look forward to meeting you and working toward your optimal oral health and a beautiful smile you’ll love sharing with the world!

Some of the dental treatments and care options offered at Total Health Dentistry are:

We offer new patient visits during which we spend time getting to know you. No work is done during the visit; instead, we talk with you about what you are seeking in dental care and any concerns you might have. This allows us to begin understanding your individual needs and how we can best serve you, in a stress-free atmosphere.

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